NEVER raise your QuickJack frames without a vehicle on them!

The QuickJack is designed and engineered to be used with the weight of a vehicle on it. You should only raise the QuickJack frames with the weight of a vehicle on them, even the very first time you use them. There is simply no reason to raise your QuickJack frames unless there’s a vehicle on them.

Why are we telling you to do it this way? Because your QuickJack frames may occasionally become stuck up in the air if you raise them without the weight of a vehicle. There is nothing wrong with them if this happens, and the issue can be quickly and easily fixed, it’s just that they are designed and engineered to work with the weight of a vehicle. Only raise your QuickJack frames with a vehicle on them.

Methods that have fixed this issue include:

  • Use lifting equipment to get weight onto the QuickJack frames.
  • Reduce the hydraulic force that is holding the QuickJack frames. If you do this, keep a rag handy in case there is some Hydraulic Fluid leakage.

If you are still unable to lower the frames, contact QuickJack Technical Support for assistance.