If the QuickJack frames jerk or lift unevenly while going up with the weight of a vehicle on them, lower the vehicle back down to the ground and then try it again one or two more times, not going up too far, just to be safe. The QuickJack’s hydraulic cylinders are self bleeding, so in the vast majority of cases the jerking and uneven lift will work itself out on its own. When the jerking and uneven lift stops, you can start using the QuickJack normally. If you are still seeing significant jerking, severe uneven lifting, or other problems that don’t go away, stop using the QuickJack and contact QuickJack Technical Support.

We simplified the setup process by no longer requiring that the pump be primed or the hydraulic system be bled prior to normal operation. These changes are based on input from a significant number of customers indicating that putting a vehicle directly on the QuickJack after installation and raising it was successful over 99 percent of the time.