Although we have sold thousands of QuickJack’s, with many being used on asphalt, we have yet to hear of one unit sinking or making deep impressions in the asphalt. (We guess asphalt hardness and weather temp would play a role, however).

If you add up the total surface area of the QuickJack bottom frames (the contact patch), it will typically add up to more than the surface area of four tires. In other words, if your car is not sinking in the asphalt, in all likelihood, your QuickJack shouldn’t either.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery. You’ll see the QuickJack being used on many different floor surfaces.

Now if you’re the extra cautious OCD type, heck yea, shoring your QuickJack with plywood underneath sure wouldn’t hurt and you’d even gain a little extra lifting height to boot – a win, win.